Taiwan: Mechanical Pencil Murders


“妹妹, 你是哪國人? 你是混血兒嗎? 她是混血兒吧…” 

“Miss where are you from? Are you mixed? Surely she’s mixed…”


I’d like to say that I’m fairly tolerant , but I’m afraid the next person gets a stabbin’ from my Taiwanese mechanical pencil.

The English translation for the Chinese above is provided my me and not the internet. The Chinese is not, as Google Translate would tells us: “Sister, are you from? You are mixed blood? She is a half-breed it …”

For goodness sake. This is why they tell you not to use it for your GCSEs.



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One thought on “Taiwan: Mechanical Pencil Murders

  1. Lose and Find

    As my French teacher used to say “When I’m repeating the same conversation more than three times a day, I get the strangest sensation that my life has no meaning… DO YOU WANT MY LIFE TO HAVE NO MEANING?” ™


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