Taiwan: Super Shopping Experiences

carreforeIf you’ve never been at a Carrefour (家樂福), let me tell you now: you have not lived. Everything you know about Tesco’s being the king for super-sized convenience stores has been a lie. Carrefour is the Momma of all supermarkets… It’s a huge, four-floor amalgamation of shops in one enormous chain store containing everything you’d ever need in life, and more of what you wouldn’t ever – all interlinked by those amusing flat escaltors that you get at airports, at a slow incline between floors, where long lines of Taiwanese people (plus me) stand very, very still.

By contrast, the grocery area is noisy, packed – a battle of shopping carts and promotional people, calling out at the end of every stall and aisle offering tasters of things on that aisle: from dried peaches to taro bread, mango sorbet Haagen Daaz to milk in little hamster sized cups. (Silly woman, I know what milk tastes like… although Taiwanese milk is usually of the powdered and reconstituted variety, its thinner, sweeter and less creamy. Not like the fortifying Northern Irish milk I’m used to… T^T). It makes for an exciting shopping experience.

The highlight is, after a sometimes stressful, yet always satisfying shopping experience, I never fail to leave without the Carrefore jingle in my head – its there for hours afterwards. And the strangest part is, I really like it… Da dum dum da da dum dum da-da dum! (I like to shop at Carrefour ev-ery day) Sure, some would say I’m being brain-washed by the clever advertising campaign of a French supermarket mogul. But I just really like to go to Carrefour every day…



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