Taiwan: Eslite Book Haven

誠品 Eslite

2nd Floor: Bookstore

Having a wee read between the aslies of Eslite, the haven of book-lovers. A book and one square meter of floor space. Utter contentment.

I’ve written before about the merits of Taipei bookstores, but this afternoon in Eslite Bookstore really takes the biscuit (if only they did custard creams here…). Ethics of reading books without buying them aside – I’m a poor student, forgive me – there’s nothing like being able to open books of the English Classics section and read it with pleasurable medical attention to not creasing pages, and certainly no shudder-inducing corner folding. Seats all taken, I sat cross legged at the end of a aisle on the cool tile floor, back to the stall of books, and surrounded on either side with similar book lovers – every end of aisle was taken.



3rd Floor: Record Store

After my legs grew numb and Dante’s grew sick of his poetic Inferno being played out by the brilliant graphic novel illustrations by Dustin Weaver in Jodie Picoult’s Fifth Circle – which, by the way, is an incredible read and great introduction to graphic novel if you’ve never done them before – I headed up to check out the Music section upstairs. Not having the biggest affinity for either CD or vinyl (I’m more of a itunes download and listener than a format connoisseur) I’ve brought a few photo highlights for your amusement…



Ooooo… alphabetised!


Oooo… well-stocked!!

(Spot the band from little old Bangor, Northern Ireland, anyone?)



Well, that’s just weird.



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