Taiwan: Surreal Structures

Sometimes I really have to stop and just stare here. Even though this huge structure is looming overhead in an incredible mass of solid concrete, I feel like it’s too surreal to be true. It’s hard to grasp that this isn’t the set of some sci-fi movie, and that this enormous overpass for the MRT has been built over these streets of Nanshijiao. It obscures the sky, and the rush of noise from the overhead trains is barely noticeable through the resounding echo of traffic below. It’s incredible.

I have a similar feeling just moments later, when we step into an elevator in the block of flats, just on the opposite side of this road, and I realise that the MRT line has not only been blocking the sky, but just how high the surrounding flats go. If I’m honest, I’m also feeling slightly uneasy as we keep going up, and I’m more than happy to get off at the 19th floor. But not before I pass a friend the camera and ask her to take a quick picture of the elevator buttons – I’m just happy just to get out…



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