Taiwan: Dazzling Cafe Mint Excursion



This week I lucked out on an invitation to a ‘Drinks and Desserts’ leaving do at Taipei’s branch of the Dazzling Group‘s Dazzling Café Mint – and it’s not one to be turned down! This mildly terrifying corporate group originated in Taipei City, the brain-child of Janet Yang – already a local fashionista designing collections and collaborating with fellow Taipei designers – who in 2011 launched Dazzling Café Pink, selling a speciality of honey toast. With it’s elaborate white decor from plush carpets, decadent upholstery to trimly dressed waiters providing a fairly overwhelmingly executed back-drop to some stunning desserts it’s no wonder the Dazzling brand has since opened five different high-class branches across the city.

It’s an excursion not to be missed. Lines for seats stretch around the block at peak times, so unless you’ve got a friend that can cheekily seat you up the list, it’s best to call not only beforehand, but on the 16th of each month – the only day when reservations are even taken. The drinks and desserts are pretty pricey for Taipei standards, but you’re paying for the whole experience – so treat yourself! My choice of the obvious Dazzling Classic Toast comes in at a neat 200NT with a sweet pressed kiwi drink of 70NT – totalling around £5 for you Brits out there. Pretty unbelievable by foreigners’ standards.

Dazzling Café Mint
No.3, Lane 248, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Rd.
Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Resv. 02-8773-9229



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