Beijing, TUESC: The Adventure Begins



On my way over the curvature of the earth.

So it’s June, my second year of university has finished, and I’m currently on a flight.
But it’s not a flight home.

I’m headed on an open ticket some 7,000 miles to Beijing, Mainland China for the first time. Yes, I feel nauseated (I’m a terrible flyer, despite frequently travelling 12hr flights since I was three). Yes, I’m nervous. But, boy am I excited. I’m heading to the Eastern World’s renowned Tsinghua University to teach at their immersive English Summer Camp for three weeks to their first year students – to live in their dorms with English speaking internationals from around the world and explore the sights, food and night-life of Beijing and beyond!

Tsinghua University English Summer Camp

If you’ve never ventured Eastwards, or had an Asian mother, you may not have heard of the University at all; certainly every Chinese-university bound child has heard of Oxford 牛津 (Niújīn) or Cambridge 剑桥 (Jiànqiáo) and yet the world-ranking Chinese universities remain a mystery to most Brit students.

One of the three top Chinese universities – the others being Peking University, Beijing (with whom they have a Oxford-Cambridge style rivalry), and Fudan University, Shanghai in the South, Tsinghua was founded in 1911 and has a long history of being strong in the technical sciences. So being paid teach their first years to speak English? Representing my home University? Flying on a University Scholarship paid flight? Entering as a politically awkward, half-Northern Irish, half-Taiwanese, student.

Yeah, I’m nervous.
This is going to be exciting.




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