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THE BIG ONE: Herringbone Short Coat, Mango

I am in  love with oversize this autumn, and this oversize coat is killing me. Picture rolled up sleeves and just-too-big shoulders on, well, anything. It’s the perfect boyish piece to emphasise a slender frame that I wish was in my wardrobe. Please? Now?

THE WARM ONE: Knitted Speckle Slouch Jumper, Topshop

The winter chills are coming, and the student house is on measly heating, and I want a cosy cream jumper. Paired with black jeggings, scrunched down grey socks, black ankle boots and a messy bun… is it obvious I’ve been fantasising about this too much?

THE WEIRD ONE: Gargantuan Green Grape, OPI

You know when you’ve got that weird fashion itch that you can’t quite explain? Well, this is it. Maybe it’s the looming grey autumn weather, but this month I’ve had an overwhelming compulsion to slap some bright green on my nails and see how it goes, so some OPI (only the smoothest nail polish ever) Gargantuan Green Grape is going on my lust list…

THE CLASSIC ONE: Del Rey, Mulberry

Big. Carries things. Looks great. Self-explanatory, really.

THE WACKY ONE: Mono Cosmic Skater, Urban Outfitters

I’m not big on prints, and my wardrobe is very simple, but I’ve a closeted desire to own something this wacky for a geek-chic look – think Zooey Deschanel-esque glasses, tights, brogues and a loose white shirt. I’m not entirely sure which space conventions I’m invited to that I could wear this at, but the more I look at it, the more I’m thinking – screw simplicity and get this wacky number on.




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