“Do me up, Darling”: SS Make-Up

I’ve just started work as Hair & Make-Up Artist for a London-based photography company, and I’m dying to whip up some looks from the runway while we’re on the spring summer board. Here’s a quick lowdown of five fabulous looks that I’m hoping to sneak in there over the next couple of shoots…

1. Shock Me Silly: I’ll be the first to say that green and lips in the same sentence makes me ill. Yet, while these lips are borderline ridiculous, this shade is stunning on a ivory and angular beauty back drop. The combination of a yellow-lime lip with a darker shade glitter cover is blended in nicely with a yellow toned blush. Kudos to the Maybelline team at Thierry Mugler’s SS 2012 Paris Fashion Week.

Lime Pop Lip

2. Colour Blush: Punching in to Spring with a bright palette is on the agenda, and somewhere in there I’m hoping to liven things up with an accent colour on the cheeks reminiscent of MAC‘s ginger coloured blusher in 2011. This contouring and highlighting look is going to be a great one for the big brush and some wacky colours…




3. The Classic: It’s a beautiful day when someone takes the Scouse Brow and give it a good smack up into the realms of classy. I can’t seem to get away from this classic 1920s-esque classic brow, as sported by Cara Delevingne – though, why would you want to? From the Dutchess of Cambridge to the British born baby supermodel, this lightly accentuated brow is the simple way to clean up a day look into high fashion. Looking forward to testing it out with a simple white eye or red lip.

 Jason Wu Spring 2013 NY Fashion Week



4.Full Eyed Stare: This filled in eye and nude lip combo is begging to be tested out in the next month. Using the full space around the eye, but not looking like you’ve taken a few punches the night before is no mean feat – but the light use of powder eye-shadow and some sneaking shading pulls this one off. Even without going too heavy on the mascara, Chanel’s Spring 2011 smoky runway look is a real popper for all eye colours, while Lavin’s Fall 2008 holds nothing back in metallic black. Swoon.

Chanel's Spring 2011Lanvin Fall 08

5. Hot & Sultry: Think heavy summer nights, sticky hedonism and shaded rooms. This plush lip and dark eye combo is a classic, but I’m itching to try out this variation on the sultry look that boasts a velvety matt finish that featured in Chanel’s 2009 Noirs Obscurs campaign. This sharp lined lip with a slick, but not shiny gloss sits like varnish against the dry, dust look of the eyes. A rich, warm-toned treat.

Malgosia Bela for Chanel

So much make-up, so little time. Let me know what your favourite looks  are from the SS season of Fashion Week!



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