Music: Gimme Some Sweet Soul

Yes I'll still eat it.

Burnt toast. I am truly ill.

So I’ve made it back home after a long twelve week term at University and typically, as soon as I arrive in the door, I’m bowled over by a disgusting cold that has probably been brewing for the last couple of weeks. I’m not quite sure why my good ol’ immune system seems to think any holiday I take, means it can also have a day off (Note to immune system: Er, no you can’t). But it means I’m here at home in a catatonic state of dosed up wooziness: eyes swollen and streaming, endlessly burning toast and constantly making pathetic bids for sympathy with an impressive catalogue of groaning sounds.

Now seems as good a time as any to share with y’all some gushy music only too apt to accompany tissues and streaming eyes. My cold might hide the fact that it’s my standard look when listening to this particular set…

1. Trouble Town– Hudson Taylor | Facebook
Nothing beats starting with my regulars, the beautiful Dublin boys Alfie and Harry.

2. American – Lana Del Rey | Official Website
She gets a bad rep. for being as fake as the inch-long acrylics on her fingers, but I love what Lizzie Grant has done to re-invent her public persona. A little shy and warbling in reality, cold fish to a live audience, but incredibly lost and soulful in the studio. I don’t care how plastic she is, it’s the 21st century – great work Lana.

3. Out of Africa Theme Music – John Barry Orchestra
Ow, my chest. The strings in this piece get me EVERY TIME. I heard this piece first one late night on  Classic FM (Belfast 101.9 FM) – probably post boyfriend argument but I can’t remember now – and it’s stayed with me every since. Beautiful stuff.

4. Youth – Daughter | Website
My best friend, to be hailed and credited for 99.9% of my music tastes [all hail and praise, otherwise she might kill me] introduced my to daughter and I’m hooked. With an already strong fan base worldwide, this soft and wistful sound with a great acoustic beat is quality in it’s quiet emotion.

5. Broken to be Rebuilt – Katharine Philippa | Official Website
OK, so the start of the video is a bit cringy; no-one’s going to be winning any Oscars for that performance. But the music talent in this piece is shockingly beautiful. Wonderfully kooky and individual, Philippa has already supported Daughter in Belfast in January 2013, and I can see her going far. Well worth a wee scout.

6. Dance Me to the End of Love – Madeleine Peyroux | Official Website
This the sultry Jazz voice of American singer-songwriter Peyroux is meltingly soft and sophisticated. I’m in love with this smokey cover of Leonard Cohen’s original love song…


Six tunes for your eargasmic pleasure – and unfortunately we’re ending here today folks as I’ve just split a load of tea on my pyjamas. Sneezing with a force of 6.1 on the Richter scale, while holding a mug of hot tea is a fun experience.

Any sultry tunes you want to send my way [comments, messages,  or cold cures…?] would be greatly appreciated.

Ladies and Gents, I’m going back to bed!



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