Behind the Scenes: Distortion and Control Photoshoot

So you may remember that a couple of months ago, the Razz My Berries Magazine’s editorial team (of which yours truly is a member) worked make-up and styling for the Issue 14 photoshoot: ‘Distortion and Control’. Editor Becky Lodder wrote up the day’s Behind the Scenes article with sneaky preview photos from Online Editor Katherine McIntosh – and my intensely-concentrating face even featured in a cheeky photo on the website. It was a fabulous morning of tense make-up overseeing – and most importantly, the role of light diffuser holding – in the beautiful Reed Hall. For this project, the editors worked closely with London-based photographer Charles III Photography, who was on set both photographing and filming under his sub-company Travis & the Gentleman for the day…

Hair and Make-Up: Distortion and Control Photoshoot

And here’s a sneaky few shots from the day! The landscape shots can be opened in full by clicking on the photos.

Razz My Berries Magazine | Issue 14 Distortion & Control

© Charles III Photography
Models Left to Right: Conor Bryne, Emma Brisdon, Mellissa Bryan, Alina Ivan, Toby Craddock, Ioana Cristina Minulescu
© Charles III Photography
Model: Ioana Cristina Minulescu
© Charles III Photography
Model: Toby Craddock

© Charles III Photography

© Charles III Photography

© Charles III Photography

It’s always interesting  to look at photos in hindsight – an artist, or at least I, am never 100% happy with my work; call me a perfectionist, but there’s always something that I would love to try differently or improve on. However, this is the real world: time is money, experience is all about making mistakes and unfortunately, you can’t start out calling all the shots on set – all we can do is keep moving on and upwards. I can’t wait for the next chance to work with such a great team of the creatives to build a shared vision of something beautiful; I am dying to do big shoots like this in the future…

Ladies and Gents, fashion is my drug of choice.



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