She Interns: City Heat

Double Style #3

Trousers: Primark, £11
Top: Urban Outfitters (turned inside out and belted) £5
Shoes: As Before Primark, £10
Bag: As Before Urban Outfitters, £23.50


Wednesday is a tipping point. Situated delightfully mid-working week, it has the power to drag every second tortuously across the face of the clock with pain that fills every cell with dread for the rest of the week – or disappear through keyboard-clicking fingers. It was at 7AM this particular Wednesday that the first ominous signs pierced my curtains: it was sunny at 7AM.

This is not good. Sun at seven, can only logically mean by twelve, the stifling heat of city is as thick and oppressive as a stale bap; we Northern Irish and our cities are not built for the sun. As I walk to my train, there’s a smell in the air that’s foreign to the region and it’s one that rises throughout the day: baking concrete, exhaust, asphalt, swift dry gusts of wind and the slight and unusual sourness of rubbish in hot. In the Office, these smells are dimmed somewhat by the distracting lack of air-conditioning, and despite the double doors thrown open in desperation to coax in an in-complainant breeze, it’s still and warm. I feel a staggering sympathy for menopausal women everywhere; heatwave is a permanent hot flush.

Wide Windows


But, despite the almost unbearable heat, Wednesday is a packed with fabulous work and breaks. I start the morning writing an info bubble for a magazine to give some press coverage to a local upcoming event. From one writing task to another, I’m given the positively delightful job of cataloguing and summarising AW/AF Campaigns and Hair/Beauty trends to prepare for Belfast’s upcoming Fashion Week, the launch of which is less than a month away. Another half-Asian, half-Northern Irish intern in today, who’s absolutely lovely, baffles me with her mere presence – clearly I’m not unique as I thought… Worrying. Nevertheless, we traipse up to Botanic on our lunch break to run clothes back from photoshoots and I meet a friend for a sweltering lunch by the Belfast Fish (my #1 favourite attraction in Belfast).

Returning to the office, I get straight back into my all-engrossing fashion work until the office breaks for a group clean! I love that they do this themselves, as it gives a homely sense of ownership to the office space. Office sparkling, and I’m released into the hot, city jungle for my commute home.

How am I half-way through already??




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