Third Year Abroad: A Taiwan Return; A Shanghai Adventure


If you’ve been wondering what my exciting news is, the secret is about to be revealed…

This year Lose & Find, and it’s owner, are relocating some six thousand as-the-crow-flies miles from home town Belfast and University town of Exeter, to start Year Abroad! Slightly unplanned by most standards, my third university year as a Chinese Language student at Fudan University, Shanghai was an idea planted only six months ago – and next week, I’ll be walking around as a shiny new exchange student!

Not only that, but I’ll be blogging right here about my year, with a shiny new badge of approval from!




If you’ve been following my travels, you’ll know that I’m currently touring Taiwan, but this time six months ago, the University of Exeter’s humanities study abroad talk (which I pondered at attending while rolling aimlessly around in bed, as all of the best student decisions are made) announced six places in China for the following academic year. Having decided to attend (luckily), my gut made a sudden alarming greeting with my chest as they read out the list of China’s top three universities: Fudan University, Tsinghua University, Peking University.” To my surprise, a similar biro-pen jerking reaction seemed not to have been shared by my fellow students, or at least none in my row anyway,  who pretended not to notice that I had suddenly decided to pay attention. And never fear, if none is inspired in the reader, it’s probably because you:

A) Don’t have an Asian mother, and
B) Have never typed “top university in China” into Google.

I however, am exempt from both categories, and thus, seven applications (University of Exeter, Fudan University, Visa, Accommodation, Student Finance, and two scholarships), three cancellations (House contract, original Student Loan, phone contract), Travel Insurance, injections and a fourteen and a half hours of air-time later, I’m preparing to embark on my journey to the Chinese Mainland!

Buckle up, and join in on my Shanghai year abroad.

All help, advise and anti-panic counselling will be greatly appreciated!




Much Love,

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