Taiwan: A Return


Welcome back to Taipei!

I’m here in the capital city of Taiwan at the start of an exciting trip that is soon to be revealed… (keep yourself posted for the big news!) But while I’m preparing, for the month of July, I’m hunkered down a fourth floor Japanese-style flat for the month for a family holiday!

It’s great to be back in Taipei, and despite living unluckily on the fourth floor, although more because of the lack of elevator than superstition (as in Chinese the number four 四 (sì) sounds cheerily like death 死 (sǐ) – with only a minimal tonal difference between the two), the little flat in the Da’an student district is a great find. We’re renting from a British couple who’ve gone home to get married; the house is cute and minimalist, they’ve left lots of notes about the area and the flat, and, best of all, the book shelf is full and has dozens of wedding magazines. I’d like to think the cuteness cancels out any bad luck.

A small upgrade from tatami that I’m eternally grateful, my siblings and I are sleeping on thin mattresses on the slick-lacquered floor; there’s only a sliding door divider for privacy in our five-person family. But, foreigners we are, and unacclimatised to the muggy 30ºC day-time heat – it’s far too hot to even close the swishy doors.
Goodbye privacy, hello family!

It’s hard to sit down and seclude yourself (seclude in the metaphysical sense) on a family holiday to write blog posts, but I’ll keep you updated with our trips around the island when I can. If you’ve any tips for trips, let us know!

Try out my twitter @charlottejblack for 130 character snapshots of Taipei life if you get lonely




As always,

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