Sublime Creations: Maria Dragan Photography

‘Hide Me’ © Maria Dragan Photography.

Maria Dragan Photogaphy | Official Website | Vogue Italia 


When I first met Maria two years ago, I was still a jittery fresher in the first term of University; then I was taken aback by that chance meeting with a determination you rarely see. I knew right then that not only did she know exactly what she wanted, but that she would chance every angle and opportunity to get there. Although relatively large for it’s size, in the small photography scene in Exeter I kept bumping into her work, so it’s simply an utter shame on my part that I haven’t taken the chance to write about her photography until now. For those of you who are afraid of writerly bias, I only ask that you to look at her work – I can promise it’s breathtaking.

Operating in the competitive, digital and world-wide market of the 21st century is no walk in the park for any industry, and no one, ever, said it’s easy to fulfil creative dreams of becoming a fashion photographer. But something of this heady mix of creativity and technology has brought Fashion and Wedding Photographer Maria Dragan from the quaint, South-West England city of Exeter to the attention of Vogue Italia, and having had the privilege of working with her this June, it’s not hard to see why.



Maria’s a small, whirlwind force of ingenuity and competition on set; anything and everything becomes a tool for communication – and maybe it’s no mere coincidence that, being trained in Journalism: she has an eye for a good story. There’s nothing impersonal about her work either. Despite implications that in commercial modelling the model is merely a white-blank tool, that the make-up artist is only there to serve a purpose, there’s nothing of that sense of distance in Maria’s work. The result of taking part in styling, make-up artistry and really getting to know the model? The air on set could ignite with collaborative energy. Watching her work, it’s hard to believe anyone could be so relaxed even under what is obviously a serious dedication to the right shot; that I can only put down to taking real joy in your work.


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 If you, like me, want to see more of Maria’s stunning work check out her Facebook or Twitter!

I’d keep your eyes on this one, folks.




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All work is explicitly under © Maria Dragan Photography

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