Taiwan: NanShan Second Chance Cinema, 湳山戲院

(Nǎn shān xìyuàn)

No. 1, Lane 24, Tōnghuà Street, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

All Day Ticket, Any Showing 140NT

Show Times



It’s been pretty rainy here in Taipei for the past couple of days as Typhoon Trami heads our way, but here in the capital there’s tonnes to do – even if it’s bucketing down water outside.

Yesterday the family and I went to Nanshan Second Chance Cinema, a cinema which shows films that are out of main cinemas but not on DVD yet. Not only that, but the tickets are only £3/140NT for a full day of films. You can see any of the eight films being screened, bring in your own food and drink, and there’s even a disgruntled woman at the door who gives you a stamp to go out, dine and return again! Pretty neat.

Nanshan’s a bit grotty outside, and the seats aren’t as plush as a normal cinema, but the screen definition and sound in the theatres is good; the larger theatres are the upstairs ones, and as long as you don’t mind perhaps more rustling than usual, it’s a fab rainy day retreat. The cinema itself sells the usual popcorn and sweet treats, the nearby restaurants are cheap (of course, there’s a 7 Eleven on TongAn Jie) and don’t be shy about take a steaming pot of noodles into the theatre!


star trek


We went for the one showing, and saw Star Trek: Into the Darkness, as we’ve all been indoctrinated as Treky fans in our house. I recommend to plan ahead if you want to make a day of it – the later showings and blockbusters are more popular, so be prepared to queue. Top tip: watch the film prior to your blockbuster in the big screen upstairs!

Air-con’s fairly chilly, so bring your cardi, your food and of course, your own loo roll (it is Taiwan, after all).




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