Taiwan: Typhoon Trami



It’s the week of the 19th in Taipei, and there’s a Typhoon/Tropical Storm headed this way. By today, the 21st the epicentre is hovering over the capital giving an exciting torrential downpour to the streets and flats. It’s muggy, and the streets seem to steam with the intense humidity, and the bullets of water drum relentlessly on the corrugated sheets of awnings and roofs. Traffic turns to a frantic window-sweeping confusion of taxis and buses, and pastel sheeted motorcyclists in their head-to-toe raincoats swerve between blurry car lights; pedestrians play umbrella battles on the sidewalk; foreigners are unfortunately heighted for umbrella-spoke attackage.

Schools, hospitals, services are closed. Mudslides, minor floods and accidents. Living in sub-topical climate is no joke. We dash out between streets to get lunch and eat it in the safety of our flat, under the constant drone of rain. Rain like this doesn’t occur in UK.

On a positive note, yesterday nights run was wet but pleasant, with the temperature dropping from 30 degrees to a cool 26.

I’m quite enjoying this typhoon malarkey!




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