Taiwan: 烏石港 WuShiGang Surf Spot!


烏石港 (Wū shí gǎng)
Technology Building MRT Station
Bus No. 1915
Bus No. 131

極酷衝浪 – G-Cool Surf Shop
No.93-2, Gon-ko-lee Rd.
Toucheng city, Yilan County
Zip: 261 Taiwan, R.O.C


G-Cool’s deal should include, surf lesson, full-day board rental (with option to switch to body board), wet shirt hire, umbrella and table on the beach and shower facilities.

In spring I paid 300NT for the package in a group of five; in summer I paid 400NT in a group of three.


Last week, pre-typhoon appearance, we took a trip down to 烏石港 (Wū shí gǎng) Beach where I went surfing some two years ago with housemates and friends. It’s a great surf beach for beginners; as you head down from the road towards the beach (past car-parking spots if you’re driving) the beach is chock packed of sun-umbrellas and students playing volleyball across the curious light grey sand, unique to the area. Best of all, out in the sea sits the super-cute Turtle Island! Keeping with old and familiar, I head to G-Cool to rent boards, where we always go: the instructors are mostly twenty-something university students (all male, if you’re interested) and after just one full morning of surfing I’m bruised, battered and sun-burnt.

Top Tips:

# Bring your own rucksacks with water, food and snacks – you’ll burn lots of energy surfing.
# Take the time to find a waterproof sunscreen, even if it’s overcast at the beach, and cover your hands and any other exposed areas.
(I’m currently sporting some interesting burn lines)
# Bring savlon for board burns and after sun lotion.
# Do not forget flip flops!! The sand gets very, very hot!

It’s hard work taking the bus back on the way home, but luckily for me, family holidays mean we can rent a car for the five of us and I can snooze in the back seat on the way home.

Definitely worth visiting if you’re in Taiwan!




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