She Interns: The Office Perks

Style #4

Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: As Before,  Zara
Clutch Bag: fcuk
Shoes: Shilin Night Market, Taipei


Now thoroughly in the routine of my morning commute and office life, I , rather predictably, nearly miss the train to work. Typical that I was thinking only the  night before how natural this early morning routine was feeling. Well, after that debacle  I gather myself together to my usual, only slightly less ridiculous self to work.

The CMPR Office is one real perk to this week’s work experience. I’m slightly obsessed with colour co-ordination, and entering through the offices heavy cream door,  what it beheld can only be described as my kind of paradise. Those who know me, know that my live colour-scheme is pink and green; from the pastel green wall in my bedroom with matching mini-polka pink green curtains to my two favourite pink and green mechanical pencils it’s a sickeningly cute combination-obsession that’s depths I try to hide from the public eye.  Well, I have finally found an environment in which I can bathe in pink and green glory: the CMPR Office.


Today after finishing two written information bubble, the work-load took a side-step from PR management, to the realities of running the firm – and that meant getting to grips with the office ebay account (!!). I was pretty surprised to find out about it – what on earth would a PR company use ebay for? How is that going to reach clients and customers? Well, turns out that it’s a fabulous idea, and here’s why: the company perks. As it turns out, being a small office of highly specialised PR staff in a city like Belfast is as good as being a celebrity. MD Cathy lands Q&A radio segments – one of which I was tensed in the office for, as it churned the staff into a research frenzy for the 30min warning we got before airing – magazine interviews, fashion event invites, screening invites, beauty products and much more in return for being Belfast’s first port of call for all needs editorial or runway related.  So where does ebay come into this? Well, such a small office can only need so many lovely (and expensive) products and any duplicates can be sold online. Personally I’ve never quite got to grips with buying on the site, although I’ve been on the wishful cusp of learning to sell on it many a time, so this was a timely intoduction! This week we were selling lots of Cathy’s daughters clothes, BNWT (brand new with tags to those not in on ebay acronyms).

I think I’m a long way off having children yet, but I nearly keeled over with how TINY AND CUTE the clothes were.


And speaking of perks, you may have wondered with the mysterious white bag was in my Style #3 Photo  (or not, but I’ll let it slide…): on Wednesday I was given a bag of perks for little me!

I. Nearly. Spontaneously. Combusted.

I mean, seriously struggled to contain my excitement and gracefully express my gratefulness.

I did not know this happened in real life.

So my lil’ bag of goodies contained:

The Body Shop Morning Mist
Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Style Prep
Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour in
Nuxe Moisturising Lip Stick
Smashbox Girls on Film Blusher
Dior 3 Colours Ready-to-Wear Smoky Eyes Palette
Jason Shankey Heat-Proof Straightner Carrier

All I can say is a massive THANK YOU CMPR for my lovely gift!




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Taiwan: Dazzling Cafe Mint Excursion



This week I lucked out on an invitation to a ‘Drinks and Desserts’ leaving do at Taipei’s branch of the Dazzling Group‘s Dazzling Café Mint – and it’s not one to be turned down! This mildly terrifying corporate group originated in Taipei City, the brain-child of Janet Yang – already a local fashionista designing collections and collaborating with fellow Taipei designers – who in 2011 launched Dazzling Café Pink, selling a speciality of honey toast. With it’s elaborate white decor from plush carpets, decadent upholstery to trimly dressed waiters providing a fairly overwhelmingly executed back-drop to some stunning desserts it’s no wonder the Dazzling brand has since opened five different high-class branches across the city.

It’s an excursion not to be missed. Lines for seats stretch around the block at peak times, so unless you’ve got a friend that can cheekily seat you up the list, it’s best to call not only beforehand, but on the 16th of each month – the only day when reservations are even taken. The drinks and desserts are pretty pricey for Taipei standards, but you’re paying for the whole experience – so treat yourself! My choice of the obvious Dazzling Classic Toast comes in at a neat 200NT with a sweet pressed kiwi drink of 70NT – totalling around £5 for you Brits out there. Pretty unbelievable by foreigners’ standards.

Dazzling Café Mint
No.3, Lane 248, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Rd.
Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Resv. 02-8773-9229



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