Chinese New Year Chat


Happy Chinese New Year!

Lent has begun, and so has the auspicious year of the Ram/Goat!



The turning 23 consolation party is over, as is the Valentine’s chocolate binge-ing cry-fest, and all I have left are several empty, depressingly essay-less Word documents and a flabby post Christmas body. Seems to me like this horrible mixture of Lent and CNY is as good a time as any to make some resolutions to knuckle down and to work hard.

Have a good year folks.


Felix McCabe Photography: Spine-tingling Shots

Photography is one of my favourite mediums and Exeter photographer Felix McCabe’s work continually gets me right in the heart in two ways. Firstly, yes, his work is brilliant. From the evocative lighting of his portraits, to capturing expressions that grip our curiosity, his shots are  bursting with character. Secondly, he’s self-taught, ambitious and – only nineteen, which makes the rest of us feel underachieving and old… All I can say is definitely check out his work on facebook/twitter/tumblr and keep an eye on this guy.      I know I will be.

Reblog of my own article, originally written for Razz My Berries Magazine.
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Images Copyright Felix McCabe