Taiwan: Cool Starts

I’ve only been chilling out here for a week. It’s the mildest that I’ve ever experienced in Taipei, as I’ve never been here in the spring. Its amazing to be milling about in jeans and a t-shirt when most of the memories I have of Taiwan include inhumane quantities of sweat, a burning desire for water, air-con and the immediate regret that I’d left the safety of my flat. However, these lovely temperature readings in my room are a fair reminder of where things are headed…


Taiwan: The Beginning

Where am I? World co-ordinates: 24.963524, 121.548475.

At the moment I’m living, slightly inconveniently, at the far edge of Taipei city. To get to where I live from university, I walk to a bus, then the MRT, then wait a long time for a 小巴士 (little rickity, made out of plastic and barely powerful enough bus) up that RIDICULOUSLY WINDING ROAD you can see on the map, at what seems to be a 70 degree incline, during which I cling to the handles with a very upset look on my face as the driver crunches through his gears and plays death-defying chicken with local motorbikes – until we reach the relative safety of my accomodation. My hands are pretty sore by this time from holding on. At least you’d hope my balance will improve – spiderman by the time I get home?



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