Excite Me: Theo Williams Photography

I’m a photography addict. I’d like to think if I had the funds for a proper £500 camera this might might read, “I’m a photographer”, but for the moment, that’s just not the case. So in the meantime, I’ve spent a lot of time oogling over fashion and artistic photography at every opportunity. I mean a lot. Here’s one of my recent finds that has me swooning with the force of a burning creative envy.

Theo Williams | Official Website |Facebook

To use the words “up-and-coming” to describe Theo Williams would be fairly inadequate. The sixteen year old has been featured on Vogue Italia’s ‘PhotoVogue’, worked in collaboration with SNY, INK and Exquisite Magazine, as well as being featured on Professional Photographer Magazine and worked the Winchester Fashion Week in 2012. These are pretty outrageous credentials for any up-starting photographer – but his work is well up to scratch. Williams has captured in wistful lighting, rich tones and stunning black and white shots a real sense of scene; the pictures are brimming with electric atmosphere and a sense of dynamic moment – a wonderful artistic finish. One can only dream of being this talented at sixteen.

Here’s some shots to turn you green with jealousy…

theo williams 1
© Theo Williams Photography
© Theo Williams Photography, Winchester Fashion Week Magazine
© Theo Williams Photography
© Theo Williams Photography
© Theo Williams Photography
© Theo Williams Photography

And a brilliant shot by Williams’ stylist for the Winchester Fashion week gives you a real taste of what’s going on behind the scenes – Williams working under pressure of a crowd to produce brilliant shots. For more behind-the-scenes treats see Winchester Fashion Week’s stylist Vikki Weston’s insider write up of the shoot, with sneaky shots and all, on her blog VikkiLondon.com.

© vikkilondon.com

And the result…

© Theo Williams Photography
© Theo Williams Photography

Any photographers you’re obsessed with? Stylists that make you sick with jealousy? As always, if so, hit me up with a comment. Nothing like an afternoon’s photostalking.

Until later, keep creative.



Music: Summer Tunes

Hope this summer check-in finds you enjoying the glorious summer freedom, whether you’re choosing to spend it productively (you poor, tea-serving interns…) or sun worshipping (you poor, lazy buggers). Either way, here’s some tunes that you may not have heard to stick in your ears for three minutes of zoning out… whether that’s well earned or not!

The Girl: Gabrielle Alpin

You may have noticed this young sprite in the soundtrack of shows such as Made In Chelsea, but if you haven’t stopped to appreciate the clarity of her voice, and the drive of her nineteen year old self, I order you to do so right now.

Where to start? Here with ‘Home,’ then for a sense of her personality, have a listen to her impromptu motorway sing-song covering ‘It Ain’t Me Babe‘ caught on video in a delightfully still summer traffic jam. And if you’re feeling adventurous, check out this interesting collaboration with Bastille covering ‘Dreams’ – strangely catchy mix of two very different artists, but it works.

The Boys: Hudson Taylor

This dreamy, Dublin brothers duo had me at… well their cute photo, but their music is well up to par with some simple but heart-skipping harmonies, and heartfelt lyrics to match. This Irish lilt is known to set me off on a sad day, so watch out for ‘Won’t Back Down.’  But it’s not all slow and solemn, in their eclectic mix is some fab folk-style beats and and quirky lyrics.

Where to start?  ‘Trouble Town’  is a brilliant, beautiful taster to get you going, and mix that up with ‘Chasing Rubies’, ‘Drop of Smoke’. Also, sit down and listen to the lingering chords in ‘Won’t Back Down’ and ‘Hideaway‘; breath-taking simplicity. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you if you happen to get teary…

Got summer daylight to catch, so it’s over and out from me, but plug those earphones in, follow those links, and bask in some summer-esque tunes folks.

Reblog of Summer Tunes, written by me for Razz My Berries Magazine
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