Yellow Tulips



Last weekend in Edinburgh, on the round curve of Victoria Street up in a high annex window above the sixth floor, I spied a very lovely old gentleman tending to vaseful of fresh yellow tulips. He was so contentedly framed by the blue wood frame — and utterly oblivious to our cold-noses and wind-swept faces as we craned up at him. Quentin Blake could have done something perfect about it.

Old Man 2


… But I gave it a dab hand anyway.

Charlotte xx



Watercolour Work: Sarah Singh Illustration

The art spotlight falls this week on a wonderful, softly spoken London-born artist (currently residing in NYC) with a degree in fashion design from Beckman’s Colllege of Art and Design in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sarah Singh | Official Website

© Sarah Singh

 © sarah singh

Sarah Singh has been on the path to fame for the past ten years, and her work is a testament to that dedication and creativity. Exhibited in capital cities worldwide from NYC to Tokyo, her illustrations have accompanied powerhouses from Givenchy to Shu Uemura, magazines from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to Marie Clare  – to name only a select few from an extensive list of illustrious clientèle. (You may have noticed Singh’s illustrations recently fronting VOGUE’s ‘What Price Glory?’ Lynn Yaeger’s Adventures in Discount Shopping? Thank you, Facebook…) I love getting an insight into how an artist works, and who better to make this introduction than the lovely Singh herself…

Artist Intro: Sarah Singh for H&M

Her work utilises an impressionistic blend of sharp inked lines,  loose watercolour and dashes of vivid colour; her subjects mixed up in overlaid images and textual font. There’s something to be said for her characteristic mixture of typography and portraiture – it’s a beautiful blend of prints, form and colour. It’s this combination of detailed style and wistful rendering that brought Singh’s illustrations into commission from Sterling Publishers early last year, who picked up on her beautiful watercolour, pen and ink combos to grace the covers of their Splinter’s Classics line.  “…[W]orking with the books, the whole concept was to have the covers have a feeling of the clothing, and to capture the fabrics and details of the period” (Singh, Interview with Elle Magazine) and her covers for the Classic’s line has meshed to a gorgeous outcome with her fashion background.

I find the body endlessly intriguing. Drawing is a kind of stenography describing it. It’s faster than painting, but still tells a story. – Singh, for Brooklyn Public Library

Spot the drooling English Lit. student…

 © Sterling Publishers
Billowing dress in a light, wistful watercolour that captures the longing in Jane Eyre.
 © sarah singh
Empty landscape overlaid with navy figures – a dark Heathcliff and wandering Cathy.



Check out her online portfolio for some beautiful fashion prints and illustrations – and as always, hit me up with any artists whose work can spend my afternoon lusting after!



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